July 16, 2005
Now is 12:45  Hawaii Time. We have been here about 2 hours. Kumu Brent , who picked us up from the airport, was praised by kumu Terrina Wong later at Wo Center.We four Chinese student are excited and couldn’t wait to have sightseeing around. Boarding on the same flight JL076 from Narita to Honolulu, I failed to catch sight of one of them, though those 3 students from Nishi-Xiang (W.Hunan) were wearing P.P.P pins on their shoulders.
We have just finished an amazing lunch. After a reception awarding teachers, we were  out on the flat (F1,Wo Center) to have lunch with teachers. We have fresh salad, hot sweet meat with special made sauce, as well as hot pizza with Mahalo drink.(it is named-of course not Mahalo, but I should use this word coz it is remarkable.)
‘Mahalo’ tastes great ! I had 2 boxes of ‘Mahalo’ and found the drink itself was remarkable, but not the name.
‘Aloha’ is an amazing word widely used in the region of Hawaii. It means hello, bye, love, or even more, it’s just around, it’s just making people feel nearer each other…one of the kumus told me. Soon later at the front hall, Sybil is just standing there, smiling, with her eyes twinkled.It then came a hug and a beautiful flower-made necklace was right hanging around my neck. It smells wonderful, I love it and it surely helped our friendship forming quickly. It was flowers, really made this memorable trip start. Kumu Terrina also admired this ‘necklace’ and told me a story about the ‘red pearl’ on this’necklace’. The pearl is something from octopus in the sea……
Later when I come back to my host family, I’ll transform the pictures onto my space.
Tobu 30
Nishi-Liufang, Beijing >> Beijing Capital International Airport.
Tobu 45/Tobu KEISEI 5301
Beijing (Peking Int’l Airport) >> Narita (Shin-Tokyo Int’l Airport,Narita),Japan
Tobu KEISEI 5177/ Todai 808-15362
Narita >> Honolulu (Pona Int’l Airport),HI,U.S.
Todai 808-15362
…>>Waikiki Hwy>>Punahou School
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