Raining ,along with constantly sun shining, often appear at the same time. Outdoor activities vary from field to field, with the warm air and occasional breeze with tiny raindrops~ which make us feel as if walking in the morning woods. 
I came near to a small group of 5, taking pictures without being noticed. Then a small boy shouted, it was only a moment before I joined them, shouting and jumping here there around.
Beauty of grassland,good smelling,  make it convenient ,and a comfortable place to be gathered ,sing,dance or have certain groupworks. They taught me a gesture, which likes our Chinese’s gesture of number 6, means ‘What’s up?’.
I found there about 5 groups on the grassfield or under the tree, having their wonderful times. I walked slowly around the campus , and were lost in its natural scenes when kumu Terrina suddenly shouted ‘Aha, Your host family would be here fairly soon.’
It is 3:50 PM , Wo Centre.( Hishitone Mae.)**
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