6:46 AM of July 16,2005
I got up early, at 6. And the netware is running smoothly, the speed is much faster than I imagined before. I downloaded a MSN messenger and MS Chinese-typing software. I feel well, but still a bit tired.
Mike did really a good job in the waterpolo match yesterday. He scored twice for his team,or possibly, more than twice.
We enjoyed ‘Finding Nemo’ at night, but none of us finished the movie coz it’s too late and we were tired enough. I brought out 4 CNG magazines to have them shared with Saito family. They were curious about the pictures inside and were eager to look for more. Paul Saito brought me a selection of National Geographic. And I really enjoy it.  
Today will be introduce reception for PPP participants. I’m experiencing all around me, and I expected more, as kumu Terrina said’It’s designed for you’. But it made me disappointing that kumu Terrina could not pronounce my name correctly. I repeated my name when I met her, but she never succeed in dealing with this. It proved to be hopeless. 
But the happiest thing is , that another nice day has begun…
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