4:05 PM
Kumu Terrina and kumu Christopher started introducing Pan Pacific Program at about 11. Soon there was a break and we all went outside ~ the sun is strong, but inside the center it was too cold, we were just like some sea fish being stored in a refrigerator. The ‘Mahalo’ drink, I’ve made it clear~it is named ‘POG’, short for 3 kinds of fruits. Meanwhile I met my second host family, the Silvia’s.A hug, a lei(the ‘necklace’ again with aloha from Sibil Saito, and again came the third one from the Silvia’s), then a short talk and a picture within us 4(Mr. & Mrs. Silvia,their daughter Jennifer ) in front of the sign ‘Wo International Centre’.
After the reception we went to Punchbowl. Driving up onto the hill, we got a good wide-open view of the city of Honolulu. I took a lot of pictures there, soon afterwards, I was fried in the powerful sunlight.
Then came the lunch at Zippyi(?) , before we drove to the swimming pool in Punahou School. We had a glimpse of a water polo game between the high grade students.Later we went to Sears Market to buy model rockets for Mike. Rockets with small engines cost $30.90(!ft). And we had a tour to Chinatown finally.
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