20:28, July 17.
Last night it was midsummer night’s gleam at Foster Botanical Garden. It is held once a year. We went there watching Mauri dancing, and there is a hausted house. There goes a story about a dreamcatcher in Hawaii.Local residents taught us how to make dreamcatchers. It took me 40 mins to have it finished.
We had dinner at Bubba Gump. The menu there reminded me of ‘Forrest Gump’ , Gump himeself is considered to be a symbol of American characters. The sign on the table, ‘Run,Forrest,Run’ with backcolor of blue and ‘Stop,Forrest,Stop’ in red, really made a strong impression on me.It is used to call for help, that means when you put ‘Stop’ there, the waiter would stop and ask if you need help with a smile. So that’s it.
I was so tired last night that failed to  get up before 11. At about 12:40 we set out from home,driving along the eastshore, about an hour later arriving at the northeast aigle of Oahu island. It’s my first experience of swiming in the ocean. The waves are high and there constant wind made it hard to control the direction ahead. The water is warm. The color is light, really made us delighting.
‘Dole Plantation’ is on the central area of Oahu. We had a good taste of pineapple ice-cream. There is a pineapple maze, but closed. 
We had Vietnanese food for dinner today~ noodles, then French custard as dessert. It’s getting dark ~ Tomorrow will be my first day in Punahou, it surely will be exciting, but, aha, night movie & a nice dream come first!
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