It’s my first day to be a student of Punahou. Got up at 6, then a quick breakfast, we drove school at 7. The number of the program participants grew up to 41 as 4 Tahitians arrived at Wo Center yesterday.For about an hour we were in the hall, watching shortplays special made for our understandings on the rules.Kumu Christopher is humorous, when introducing himself,he said’Always remember: I’m a GOOD-LOOKING man…’ It’s true he IS good-looking,but everyone burst laughing after those words.
Kumu C managed a game. When he says ‘Saimon says…’,you should do according to ‘Saimon’s’ orders. But the orders without the ‘Saimon says…’ ahead should not be followed.
We learned a song called ‘A’loha,bla-bla..(!)’Then we were divided into 3 groups. Students assignments, taking photos for our ID cards. Poster time. A visit to art gallery. Before lunch kumu Brent organized some groupwork games. We also have indoor games like ‘Bizz-buzz’.
A egg drop contest was held in dining room after our meals.Also teamwork needed, we named the egg ‘Sakura’.And we used tribes to protect eggs. Successfully passing Round I , we were so happy coz only 2 groups in 8 reached the goal.But both the two groups were failed in Round II.
A tour in the campus was guided by kumu C.We saw a spacial ‘clock’ in the campus and also there were many trees so-called ‘Hala’ which are symbols of the Punahou.
Homework today was to hand up a letter from Wo Center Staff to host families. We also got a journal writing book. Journal writings will be checked by kumus on Thursday, and compositions due to Friday each week.
(Tobu KEISEI 511.A/512.A)Shopping at Safeway.Dinner at home.
(Tobu KEISEI )Meet Iris on MSN 6:40 PM- really a great time .
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2 Responses to 050718

  1. Kun 說道:

    I wonder when you’ll come back.Would you please tell me the date?

  2. 天成 說道:

    August 15 . Departure from Honolulu on Aug 13.



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