Oral Workshop. Introducing partners. Taking photos (in front of Wo Center). Banking.
School summer production. Planning Ho’aloue’a(Culture Sharing Presentations)
Composition entitled:’When I was young (in mountains)…’
Asian History study(?). Swimming .Bishop Museum,WAIKIKI.
PictUpdate July 19
1.Poster Time (9:30 AM,July 18)
2.A glimpse of American classes(4:25 PM, July18)
3.Game for the host night.
4.Campus & the special clock on the ground
5.Photos of the groups
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    i heard you are in hawaii( i forget the word spelling) wonderful i just installed my own space days ago ,i want to get a link with yours….we can talk more on msn the only problem is the time…..i am going to sleep, good morning !!! HOHOmine msn :adam_crossfire@hotmail.comoops, nearly forget ,i am wang zi feng , i think you know me my english name is Adam·Brody



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