On my journal writing , I draw a table to compare the swim in Punahou pool and that at Waikiki.
At Waikiki there was strict time limit(coz it’s 2:45 PM we got there, we walked slowly from Hilton
Village to Honolulu Zoo. So there left for us just 20 mins.) I enjoy sitting on the beach, watching high waves rushing towards me, again and again ,beated my chest. I felt cool and happy, as if I came back to my childhood, running here and there, with a joyful heart.
Waikiki is not so clean as we expected. Water in Punahou pool is clean, calm water brings a lot of fun for swimming, diving.But Waikiki would bring you lots more. Left hand Diamond Heah, right side hotels as well as golden beach along side, facing directly to Pacific Ocean, I was almost lost myself there.
Bishop musem at Kalia; ABC store.
Dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
Points & PictUpdate.
1.Communications. between Punahou students and ppp participants.
2.Oral workshop: Talking about waikiki.
3.’Uleuaua & mele sing: Hawai’ian Lullaby
4.Shopping at Ala Moana. Lunch. Meet kumu Ye.Wal Mart & Ross.
5.Bishop museum.
6.Book shopping @ Costus.
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3 Responses to 050721

  1. Adam 說道:

    go to hawaii is a kind of communication programme that provided by our school? wonderful! have a good time !!!

  2. Paul 說道:

    Thank you. our program is organized by Wo Center. The Center sent invitation letters to participants those coming to Hawai’i later at mid-July.

  3. 李丹 說道:

    My dear Grandfather , You are too romantic,oh~~~~~I just coundn’t stand it!!



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