PictUpdate (for July 21, Thursday: Presentations about ‘When I was young …’ ,Ala Moana,Bishop Museum…) will be tomorrow.
Today our reading class is mainly about the passage ‘Ka Punahou.’ From that passage I learn that O’ahu used to be a dry island thousands of year ago.It’s so dry that some people even lose hope about their life ahead. Later someone told the villagers they could dig a hole near a hala tree to get water. They did so and a spring formed there, named ‘Ka Punahou'(meaning ‘a new spring’in English).
Then time passed quickly. It was 164 years ago, near the hala tree, Punahou school was founded.
The last sentence of the passage really made me feel grateful. It says the students graduated from Punahou are useful to the future of Hawai’i, or even a wider region of United States, because the symbol of the school — hala tree, has many uses for people.
We talked about ‘dreams’ then. Kumu Casey said,"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths." Those words are impressitive for me. 
The most interesting work we did today was the T-shirt making, after lunch. It’s my first time to paint a T-shirt. I found it such a joy that I used too much colors on my shirt. It was over-painted I think. But it is considered to be a wonderful one, at least, kumu Christopher & kumu Bev think so. Kumu C told me that I surely would get a big surprise when I get my well-painted shirt finally.
Chinese Tai Chi & Kongfu are popular among Japanese girls. At sports hour, I taught some of the volunteers those tranditional actions. It was a great fun for all of us. 
Dinner & dance were unfoggettable. I mean it was so exciting, and was one of the greatest times we participants sharing together. It’s my first time Disco, but I soon began to enjoy it after the music start. Even I put up brenches with fresh leaves on my head, and around my neck. It occurs everybody presented SCREAMED. Sreaming for hours, feel free with your movements & partners,together made it the most enjoyable dancing ever.
Tomorrow we’ll go to Diamond Head & Pearl Harbor in the morning. As time flys so quickly, I have to say goodbye to Saito’s family 2 days later. Looking forward to the amazing trip in the coming weekends, and looking forward to meet with my 2nd host family~ another lei with aloha, maybe. Mahalo! 
With aloha! Aloha to my host family, aloha to my kumus and classmates and those kind people in Hawai’i!
Tobu KEISEI 549/551A, July 22 10:05PM
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