It was the last day I stay with Saito’s family.Bobby and Matthew were packed up early in the morning and they were sent to a one-week camp by 10. At about 10:40, we were leaving Saito’s family and drove to the Contemporary Museum.The museum is closed until 12:00 on Sundays. So we had to drive downtown, shopping for an hour. We made our way cut across the bussiness district, where Mr.Saito works~ he works in a white tall building.
Later we come back to the museum, it had opened up and there had already been many cars parking on the front-yard already.
It was a memorible & amazing tirp in the museum. We first helped ourselves traveling around the gardens~the whole area, used to be a private house with a big garden.Then we backed to the entrance at 1:30 PM.There a kind-looking woman named Nancy led us go into the museum-there is a special exhibiton about works of 7 Hawai’ian artists.
‘There was a boy about a hundred years ago’ Nancy began the story before our entering to a house,’He hadn’t done his homework and his mother got angry about that.She said he couldn’t have anything for lunch.The boy was so hungry that it drove him mad.He made his books into pieces and to make matter even worse, he throw out or stroked everything he could reach, and he hold the tail of his cat, throw it away.
‘He was so tired that felt asleep later, on a chair.He dreamed many bats with human legs, flying everywhere(actually the bats represented bad boys like him), this made him scared and he screamed out.  
‘When he backed to calm, he recognized his fault and rudeness. He asked for a new chance and he become a good boy later.’
Nancy finished the story.She asked me, ‘What can we learn from this story?’
I thought for a little time’We can learn that we should not be bed-temperd to all the things.’
‘Right.’Nancy smiled and said’That’s the nature.’That’s what she wanted to tell us.
We went to Pali look-out after visiting the museum.The wind there is so strong that when I was there on the cliffs, I felt as like I was a passenger-plane on an airfield, preparing to set off.We got a wonderful view of windword O’ahu there.That made me cryed aloud some time. 
Then came the mini golf hour.We played 18 holes.As a winner,I finished the game by 37.There Mike 41 and Duy 47. Though they lose the game and there were complaints,but all of us enjoyed the game very much.
Dinner at Sushi King.
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