PictUpdate (July 24)

PictUpdate July 24  11:29PM Hunnowell St.,Honolulu
1.Time to say goodbye to Saito’s family.(Chinese brush writting/pictures )
2.Shopping downtown (11:40 AM- 12:50)
3.The Contemporary Museum(1:15 PM-2:40 PM)
4.Lunch pick-up at Subway. Luna sandwich $7.85
5.Driving windward O’ahu~Pali look-out (about 3:30 PM)
6.Mini Golf(4:15 PM-5:15 PM)
7.Driving back to town while I was sleeping.
8.Dinner at Sushi King(6:30 PM-7:25 PM) Made friends with two Chinese from Beijing~
9.Duy back to dorm then I was here, in Sylvia’s family.
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