This week I will be in kumu Christopher’s English class. Today it’s our job to learn some native plants. Natsuho and I made a good cooperation.She at first acted as a describer telling me features about the plant(Niu), I draw what she described on the paper, then switch. In this way we learnt 2 kinds of plants(Niu – Hawai’ian word of ‘coconut’,’Ulu – which can be used for curing people’s disease.Actually many kinds of plants have medical use or do some other things good to people.
We got a book ‘Blue Skin of the Sea’ , a novel written by Graham Salisbury.We would read this book during the next 2 weeks, in English reading class.
Kumu Christopher told us to skip the new words if without them we could still make sense of the sentences. There are quite a few new words. But I’ll try my best tonight~to finish Part I, is our homework today.
The name of the second chapter is ‘Malanamekahuluohemanu’.   (shocked)  
School bus come to pick us at 10:30.We were going to Keaiwa Heights. There we had cheese-burger & potato chips for lunch.On way downhills, we had sometime finding native plants we had learnt in the morning.Natsuho and I went to a ‘Ulu tree, we picked up 2 ripe fruits from a lower branch. A moment later, some white sticky liquid come out.I asked kumu Bev if we could eat , she said no, in additional, she told me it can be a kind of glue.
Hula/Ukulele/Mele sing(Hawai’ian Lullaby).Groups switched every 20 mins.
Ho’olaule’a Practise(Japanese song/Chinese Tai chi).
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