In the first class, we shared our self-made postcards~the theme is about Awiea Heights & native plants. I draw a ‘Ulu on card and wrote something. I have so much confidence in my drawing (especially with color pencils- I sometimes gain a strong desire to pick up color pencils, draw something on paper) that there’s always someone cheering for my work.
Kumu Christopher asked as to write a long list about things needed on a deserted island, when we are alone there.From Harry Potter books to generator, from brave dog to vegetable seeds, our ideas were full of imagination, it was quite a lot of joy.
Later we discussed how to open coconuts on the school ground. When we finally opened a coconut, it contained almost nothing in it~maybe the juice has come out when we were busy opening it.
Tomorrow we will go to Waimea Valley. It will be a long drive from Punahou(about 1 hour), for whole day will we stay there, having classes and swimming. Tonight I’d like to read National Geographic magazines or ‘My life:Bill Clinton’, I bought that book last Thursday, at a price of $9.99.
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