All day in Weimea Valley Audubon Center today.
It was a long drive from Honolulu to Weimea Valley which is located near the north shore.
At Snack Bar,we sat on the ground, listening to kumu Christopher telling story about how Maui people began to make fire.
We saw the bird ‘Alae ‘ula’ in Lily Pond. ‘Alae’ula is a kind of extinct bird , has some red skin on the head.It’s pretty small. At ‘Hawaiian Flora’, we saw ‘Ku’ula’ stones, which is considered to be a spirit of Hawai’ian.Later we arrived at ‘Kauhale’, an ancient Hawaiian living site. We had group-work ,trying to make a living there.Imagine we were there 1 000 years ago, we had to do everything by ourselves,from making tools to building a cottage. Our work is to use some kinds of native plants to make fish-net.We made 2 fishnets,using 2 different materials.Finally we  choose the one made from Ulei, its strength was more fit for making nets.(Kauhale – Ethnobotany, group work, group switched after 40 mins. from start)
After finished the lunch (bento with banana, drinks ),we went directly to the Waihi Falls(Upper way leads to the fall, 1 km from the entrance).
From 5:00-7:20, we drove to Honolulu Zoo to have a picnic with Si si’s host family.We had a lot of fun there~Junnifer led me to take a tour in the zoo(actually it’s not so exciting as I expected, animals are too lazy, in my opinion, zoo is a kind of place full of lively things.)
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