Oral workshop(8:20-9:15 AM): 1.Postcard presentation: Waimea Valley Adobon Center
2.legend about Hawai’i
Break(9:15-9:25):Hawaii Tea ‘Mamaki’
Reading & Writing class(9:30-10:15): 1.Talking about legends in homecountries.
2.Creating a legend, about plants or animals (flora & fauna) in Hawai’i.
Ho’aloule’a Practise(10:30-11:30)
Luke Lecture Hall: Wrap-up/Bank day(before 12:00)
Ala Moana Center >> lunch at KFC ($5) >> shopping at Ross, Wal-mart.>>Genki Sushi(2:00 PM)
Drove to Hawaii Maritime Museum.(2:45-4:20)
tonight 1.Chapter i of school novel book.
2.Bill Clinton: Prologue; (1)
3.Composition #2
PictUpdate (July 28) Hawaii Maritime Museum. 
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