Ho’olaule’a practise hass already been well prepared. Today was my last day in kumu Christopher’s English classroom. We had a happy time, including presentation about our ‘legends’ and novel reading.

Costume hour really made me embarrassed. My dressing of orange-colored shirt and shorts may be the biggest mistake ever.~the clothes from Hainan are extremely similar to those Hawai’i styles.Kumu Christopher was confused, then he decided to call me ‘Mr.Hawaii’  

Hula/Ukelele.(I learnt from Jennifer that Ukelele just is Hawaii guitar. One of my uncle? in Suzhou loves Hawaii guitar music very much. That reminded me of my travelling to Shanghai & Suzhou 2 years ago, right in summer vacation of 2003. )


We have learnt those songs up to now.

1.Aloha, coco iana.(?easiest one )

2.Hawai’i Aloha (wonderful rhythm & words)

3.E huli makou

4.Hawai’i lullaby (Kumu C: everyone should sing out aloud as Tiancheng does.)

5.A Ram Sam Sam(Little bit similar to McDonald song, seems to be kumu Bev’s favourite)


7.White Sandy Beach (easy to learn, beautiful, romantic)

8.Boogie Woogie  by Ukelele

(c e g A Bb A g e … f A C D Eb D C A…)


>>Hawai’i Aloha.(my best favourite Hawaiian song)

(Vamp 2X)

E Hawai’i e ku’u one hanau e

Ku’u home kulaiwi nei

Oli no au i na po no lani ou

E Hawai’i aloha e


E hauoli na opio 

o Hawai’i nei

Oli e! Olie e!

Mai na aheahe makani e pa mai nei

Mau ke aloha no Hawai’i



Big meal! lunch: rice.salad(always salad!!…).dessert. chocolate milk.fruit

me: The Chinese food in Maple Garden was quite poor, I feel.

kumu C: How about to compare with the lunch at Cafeteria?

me: Umm…It’s similar.

 (kumu C often complains about the lunch about Cafeteria, but actually, it sometimes serves good meal~ mostly on Thursday, when we out of school , searching a lunch place in Ala Moana! )


Karaoke Room 2.(4:30-7:15 PM)

Big meal! Pizza, ham, salad, sushi, sashimi, ……and drinks!


PictUpdate (July 29)


-1.Rainbow at last night~before entering a Korean restaurant. 

1.Creating memory with kumu C’s English class.

2.Costume hour. 

3.Karaoke: heartbeating!



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2 Responses to 050729

  1. 天成 說道:

    。。呵呵,踩一脚而已。好羡慕你啊,在夏威夷可记得带来点好东西。另外,每天的日志写得都及时,每当我上线你 msn总会打星号,哈哈~支持。。。

  2. Siyi 說道:

    Aloha! do you remember me?! i went to school with you!!!!! =] how is hawaii? hot? we miss you in beijing. i havnt seen you for a while though. i heard from our friend that you went to hawaii. why didnt you tell me?! did you loose my phone number? well, please bring me back a souvenier from hawaii!i would a coconut, a hula skirt, and macadamian nuts. thank you. oh! and also chocolate! chocolate covered macadamian nuts! can you bring back 4 boxes?! thank you! mahalo! PLEASE RETURN MY EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I WISH TO SEE YOU SOON DENG TIANCHENG! BAI BAI!



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