August 4

For those care about my journals, I should say sorry I’d kept you waiting so long. This week I would stay in dorms (University of Hawai’i.) Now I’m hereby in Wo Center, with my dormmates and the game ‘Blokus’ which I fell in love with. Blokus, Mrs. Saito bought it as a gift for Duy and me today. She missed us very much and it was our final meeting in Hawai’i after lunch, outside Wo Center.No tears but sadness. We hugged and made it sure again to remain contacting when I back to China.
She is flying Chicago tomorrow, it is such a pity that she wouldn’t be presented on our final Ho’olaule’a presentation & Potluck dinner. What she left for us besides memories, I mean for Duy and me, were BLOKUS! It is a symbol of our friendship, because, we played it every night during our homestay in Saito’s family.

I have to go back to the dorm. We’ll begin our big island trip August 7. Looking forward to more memorable events!

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