August 5.

Today we had our final Ho’olaule’a presentation. We practised it in Maoka and Makai group in the morning, for the last time. Then at about 1 pm , we began our preview of the whole Ho’olaule’a.It ran smoothly and kumu were satisfied with our presentation. Then we had about 1 hour to make comments and sign names on each other’s memory books.

Some small problems were picked out after the preview.Kumu Christopher talked about those pities in a funny way.He is never shy sharing his opinions with others , I remember what kumu Bev said before. When he talked about our speed of walking onto the stage, he acted the two different ways walking there, one is regular walking, the other is walking with bowing the body and the facial expressions amusing, like a thief trying to draw his way home safely.’If you walk in the first way, nobody will see you, because, you’re walking so slowly.But if you walk in the second way, everybody will see you.Ha..’

After distributing the memory books, we came to the final fight~Ho’olaule’a presentation , which would be ended with diplomas awarding to everyone. Everybody put heart into the play.of course it was so nice that audiences all cheered to our graduation.

The largest pity today was that Louis’ family failed to share our Ho’olaule’a. Mrs. Louis had promised to me before but for some reason I don’t know she didn’t come.

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