Journals (Aug 9-12)

August 9


A short hike to Mauna Ulu, where lava used to flow, around the year 1973. Lava is powerful, it’s so hot that even the road could be melted. Black lava everywhere, proves its history of creating history. Imagine it used to be hot fire everywhere, lava flowing across the trees and destroyed them. Almost 30 years have passed, now there already pioneer plants had taken roots in the small holes between the black stone or some places else.Life is always a light rhythm, even where lava flowed. Strong fire never turned down the natural lives. We felt both grateful and sorry to those pioneer plants. I took a lot of pictures of them. They are no doubt the strongest lives ever.

Talent show after dinner.



August 10


After breakfast we hiked Halemaumau Crater, downhill and uphill.It took hours but all of us got so excited that we were almost out of breath when stepped onto the surface of the crater, the origin of the lava. It’s quite alike to Mauna Ulu. There steam vents faraway, I stood somewhere higher than the base and looked at the direction of the shore. I know there lava is flowing, maybe at the end of the chain of craters road The lava comes from Pu’u O’o, flowing as well as destroying everything it meets. Nothing can stop it making its way to the ocean. Finally it meets the sea, there comes a fight, red flames, blue water, white steam…How I wish I could be there, where the lava meets the sea.

It reminded me of the final show of the Polynesian Cultural Center trip, the show entitled ‘Horizons, where the sea meets the sky.’

But back to the reality, I realize we have no chance watch lava flowing. Kumu Bev said that it too far from us, but who ever know if no one comes?

Then we came to the Thurston lava tube.

Punahou Cottage is a nice place to be, even to live in.We had sack lunches there, tiny rain, sweet smell of the garden, nice house, altogether the made us so happy as if we were coming back to our wonderful childhood. Making leis, dealing with memory books, water-color painting…a period of golden time we shared there.

Movie night followed dinner.



August 11


Punalu’u beach time. Black beach, on which a big turtle laying down enjoying the sunshine, as well as high waves, let us have relax. I stepped up to a big black rock, facing the ocean, where the sea meets the sky, and let the wind brushing my face. How cool it was!

Shopping in Kona. It’s the last shopping chance in Hawaii. I bought chocolates ‘Hawaiian Host’.Its flavor is the best, accord to what it says, and it contains a kind of royal nut named Macadamia inside.

Pu’uhonua o Honaunau, where the story ‘Makoa’ happened hundreds of years ago. It was on our way back on Hwy 11.

South point of U.S., the south most village of U.S..



August 12 Last day celebrations!


Shopping in KMC store.

Dance hour after dinner.

Final packing.

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