Journals of August 7/8

August 7


We flew Aloha airlines to Hilo from Honolulu Int’l Airport this afternoon. The plane turned south soon after setting off, where we had a good view of downtown Honolulu, Waikiki beach. Diamond Head is beautiful and a perfect volcano-shaped mountain. We saw koko head and Hanauma Bay.A short time afterwards, we’d flew across the strait over other islands, Molokai and Maui.I sat with Yasumasa aside,we fell asleep then.It just took 50-min our flight arrived Hilo.

Punahou schoolbus picked us at the airport and after 1 hour drive we settled down in Kilauea Military Camp (KMC) Big dinner served then.


August 8


We had class in Lehua room in the morning, continued reading the last chapter of‘the Blue skin of the sky’. ‘Islanders’-I was in kumu Bev’s English class.We had an long enthusiastic discussion about the difference character and thoughts between an island person and a mainland one.

It reminded me of our last trip to Ala Moana (Aug. 6, after dinner), we said goodbye to Wo Center and O’ahu. I began asking about the so-called ‘big island’. How big it is?

‘Oh, it is a huge island.’kumu Terrina said.

‘It’s so big that you can find somewhere really land here, I mean, no seashore surround you,they are faraway.’kumu Bev tried to make me believe this, as she commented when we were at the airport of Hilo.

After lunch, we began our tour in Hawaii volcanoes national park. KMC, where we lived, is right up on the volcano of Kilauea. So when we finished a short walk across a small forest, we’ve already stood on the crater. It is Halemaumau Crater. Steam vents everywhere. It seems the steam come out from all over the ground, but actually some small holes made it. You can imagine how hot it is under the ground. Big island is the newest island of Hawaii islands. It’s still growing up, meaning its square still expand.And Kilauea, lies southeast of the island, is the most active area. The majority part of the island is Mauna Kea(lies on the north, highest point of the Hawaii islands) and Mauna Loa(lies on the south, which is the largest single mountain in the world, about 4300m high, little bit lower than Mauna Kea), with No.200 Hwy which I think a best place to watch these 2 snow mountains ,cut across.

Later we visited volcano house and visitor’s center. It then rained, so heavy ,enough to put out of the lava fire I think.It’s windward side of big island.But it’s so funny it never put out of the eruption of a volcano, neither the flowing lava. 

The current eruption happened on Pu’u O’o crater since 1983, continually.Pu’u O’o, about maybe 20 miles away from us. It’s a hard place to reach according to the official guide. But later when we shopping in Kona, one of my classmate bought a guide book about Hawaii, it says there is a trail to the edge of the rain forest, at the dead end of the trail, there IS a way you can hike Pu’u O’o. It’s not inaccessible, but truly you have to take risks hiking a crater on which current eruption located.

It’s exciting,and a most heartbeating hike after all.

We had lei making hour today. Two different kinds of way making leis.

Ohana Workshop: bird picture drawing.

Bowling practise, mini golf, ping-pong~ in KMC after down time.



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