Debrief about the good deals…
1. special issue # 1000 of <Reader’s digest>, $2.99 Ala Moana
2.National Geographic membership  (free to get 12 issues at the price $ 19, $45 purchased)National Geographic magazines followed picture selection.
3. Hand carved woods, plate & pan ($9.99-$15.99,Kona)
4. 1.0 GB SD card in CompUSA ($ 69.99)
5. Bill Clinton: My life ($9.99) ; Harry Potter VI (American version, $15.89) ,Costco
6. Polynesian Cultural Center………
MSN group chat. via messenger group chat /function.
(group members: Tiancheng, Dian, Taku, Daisuke, Valerie)
Translation about star signs, various kinds of language code provided.  download=sites 2250
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