Scheduled Intensive Engagement in Interdiscipline Study
(Jan. 28 – May. 9, without Semester Credits)
Public Policy Course Follow-ups : Accelerated Exposure to Modern American Society. – Dept. of PS, CSocS.
Public Policy Course Follow-ups : The Loss of Happiness in Market Democracies. – Dept. of PS, CSocS.
Human Behavior Growth and Mental Process, with Features Specified. – Dept. of Psych., CSocS.
Application of Various Discipline Perspectives : Induced General Study of Sunshine. – Dept. of BCPS, CEngi., in coordinance with Dept. of Psych., CSocS.
Vivid City Image Creation – Introduction to Metropolitan Planning. – CArchi.
Linear Model of Culture Revival to Economic Growth, and Cultural Motivation. – Bridges Int’l.
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