IMG_0926  in a world in a day encore Thanksgiving
                                                                     (= Chicago, IL, 24 NOV 2007)
 in a world in a day encore Thanksgiving  DSCN8782 
(= Clarendon Hills, IL, 22 NOV 2007)
miscellaneous points as encore took place
> MGT 1020 last class – ERB 804, Jimmy said goodbye in a gentle, soft tone. Pre-scheduled personal consult forthcame in the afternoon – I’d love to personally express appreciation for his help, and the motivation and inspirition due to his consistent efforts and the course. It does remind me of PS 201 last fall, Prof Hogan kindly helped me revise my paper, offered support and further recommandation. This year deep fall feels a bit abnormal, but years are so much alike in a support-n-reward periodic term.
> PHY 1023 last class – class photo and encouraging comments from the teacher.
> Feast & Peace, Love Co-sharing, and Thanksgiving night at Chek Nai Ping.
I’d love to express my Thanks to
mum and dad, for your consistent support and warm words over phone call every week,
and also grandpa and grandma in Beijing and grandparents in Liaoning;
lab partner 天威 for your exclusive insights and carefully-edited lab sheets over our labs and project;
peers in project groups 1000, 1020, 2510, for the collaborate projects we’ve been superworking and enjoying;
professors of 1020, 1023, 2011, and 2510, whom played a crucial role in daytime academic life, motivation and inspiration like the kind specified above,
also 2011 tutor 趙叢, who never denies my demand derived from curiosity and gave an impressive talk on his research topic;
Vince, 高飛, 小淇, 阿晉, 阿飄, and all colleagues in Communion, without whom I may not be able to get this intimate contact with real Hong Kong in various perspectives, and, for you great patiances in teaching, with cheers all the time; 
達丰, 任之, 耿飇, and friends in Toastmaster, who’d been willing to offer me a place for leisure talking – meeting you guys always make me feel easy;  
家揚, 乃心, 威揚, and all peer Baptists in Chek Nai Ping gethering, for those wonderful moments that well beyond word’s descriptions; 
Ally, Emily and Bryce, and classmates within Spontenous Attraction program, for the entire day intensive training and especially the happy moments during snack breaks;
冠蘭, 曉萌, 劉宇晨, and 竺佳庚, for those happy get-toghthers in Gameroom 7F Daisy Li;
high school teachers, alumnae and alumnus for all those kindly assistances in the year last, especially among them, 李想, 王靜遠, 趙乃玔, who advised my earlier steps in CUHK, also 寧靜 and 張藝馨 for their sincere helps and advising in early days, 郭一鳴, 張琮毅, 楊云飛, 曹夢醒, 朱嘉瑉,趙南雨, 冬可, 李尚, 安翀, 朱岩, 子風, 馬明宇, 殷宇曦, 房微, 周欣, 曉晴, 沈夢潔, 楊奕, 段棣淳, 蕭然, 丁婉寧, 琛琛, 樾祺, 苗徫, 楊菲, 陳坤, 帥南, 安嘉晨, 邱燁麟, 西平, 瞳瞳, 沈苑驕, 劉洋, 詩瑤, 馬媛, 小妍, 謝雯, 賈錚, 凱夫, 昕宇 and others who helped or stayed aside or advised to a relative significant extent;
ex-roomie and current roommate, Assyl, and 張皓宇, for the spiritual supports and refreshments from Chicago consistently arrive, and for those harsh out-of-cash days ‘risk engagements’, respectively;
peers from BK670 BBS volunteering service together late July and early August;
楊艾, senior advertisement manager of NG China Society, for providing a great chance that enabled me initiate a detail examine – though starts in a narrow persepctive – in a typical southern rural region, and 楊勇, 徐曉光, 楊西虎, for expertise performed over this fancy detail, they are real scientists that meet China’s actual needs, action rather not talking, with the professionism practised is impressive throughout the process, and are to be respected. Special thanks shall also be granted to 李京燕, 田軍, teachers who paid close attention and helped lay down to the success inviting 楊勇 to give a speech on Sichuan Earthquake issue. 
finally, much thanks to buddies in Daisy Li and NA, and all relevent people in CU, IIT, and BJH4 campuses, and I’m grateful to those kind-hearted greetings from Northeast, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Hubei, and Japan, and HI, CA, TX, MS, IL, NY, and MA. 
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