081214_miscellaneous ten

1. Centralized Final 2: 1110 Basic Circuit Theory in UG. In trouble with a failure Student ID present.
2. Cape No. 7 (= Dec. 11 UA Megabox, Kowloon Bay) such impressive music. Gotta order a theme CD next year.
3. Books from CUFES room, on Philosophy, joint university FES peers’ past notes, and China’s reform with social prospects.  
4. Missing days in Panda Hotel, Tsuen Wan half a year ago. Has originally planned a revisit but postponed ever since.  
5. I would argue that HKALE exam is tougher than the Chinese Gao Kao. And I’m now prepared to present exam papers to interested parties in Beijing.
6. Is busy fighting with 2510 stuffs: transistors, diodes. 3rd centralized final = Dec. 16
7. Scheduled visit to art zone east Yau Ma Tei with FES peers, scheduled visit to James’ office, Sheung Wan to discuss next sem’s entrepreneur practise. Brainstorming work first, with Ally. = Both Dec. 18
8. Registration for next sem’s courses…
9. Arising interest in music theories after talk with Ricky, and visit his website composer.hk. Inspired by him and his girlfriend.
10. Awaiting events in Beijing, starting Dec. 22, starting from the very point I’d be placed.   
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One Response to 081214_miscellaneous ten

  1. Yaning 說道:

    Great plan~ It seems that everyone of us is busy now…Hopefully I can ask for a leave from my supervisor and his boss on 24th… I will try my best.See you ten days later! 🙂 BTW, I do like the letters in Cape No.7. Beautiful words~



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