(i apologize for the lack of Chinese input in this highly globalized or whatever inn, what ever ‘in’? – original post by Tiancheng 0730 Fortress Hill, Hong Kong, Hong Kong )
My overall feeling has been great when the broadcast was like – initializing in a slow pace, accelerating up ‘The~~ train ~ to ~ Sheung Wan is arriving, please stand clear of the screen doors.’ This time it was ever fascinating coz we were notified after a 6-min count-down, with the coming train to be the final operating train from Chai Wan. now 0048 Fortress Hill Station, MTR stuff kindly proceeded to us upon our gesture request – cool, so now we’re about to Central, Lam Kwai Fong u know, but i really wanna figure out if any night owl buses backward Chai Wan direction at 3 or 4 am.
The stuff and a backing home retail-sailer both respond with great sincere. Mid-level blabla, or Central, Admiralty appeals whatever. In a great details that almost reminded me of last Dec tram ride with Ally, she just kept talking – you see my high school is just up the tram track, MacDonnald Rd. station, wow i did hang out with dudes classes-off here.  
The Hong Kong Island is such a bizarre, diversified communities occupied, and 24-hr operating place compared to Hong Kong, as well as the latter one runs those features in much priority to China.  At Yes Inn check-in counter, a Philipino kindly received us, who also speaks perfect Cantonese, English and considerable amount of Putonghua. LKF is a 80-dB atmosphere where party animals find ultimate themselves. Alcohol is something equal to a ticket back to heaven should i really serious make the point that those upper-class do find themselves kinds of spirit fade and figure reborn at weekend night.  I was like kinda stressed out. That was even amazing than what i encountered in Chicago, you see really the materialism erodes people here so much that the city, aiming to reach a balance, has to adapt unusual host combining alcohol + 80-dB + 2 AM in its downtown place named ‘Central’.
You do not nessicarily get emerged into the tense, neither would you wish to dance with them. Like you feel sorry for a lost of freedom for those confined in a zoo. Pretty much the same case, though we’d made clear that here’s so free.
I spent the last 3 hours sleeping on some 4 plastic chairs, a night as suffering, and as easy as the night i surfed wi-fi in O’hare Airport, where the situation ran like i arrived by mid-night but feared to be back at night addressing security concerns, or the night i took some 81-kilo luggage off from Pudong Airport and transpoted them all back to home somewhere near People’s Square at Puxi central. You’ll never now how the efforts were made to get them accomplished, and how easy they were ‘supposed’ to ‘mean’ to me now and then.  
Good night a guy from Miaoli, Taiwan, 2340, and good morning a guy from Seoul, Korea, 0635, backing in rain in dark night from Macau.
Oh, that’s somewhere we’re about to depart for, i guess, within 2 hours. May the sun we see is dawning.
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