i’m at Wu Yue’s new home at mountainside beijing. she’s amazing. everything under her design equiped with an acute sense of an U.S.-trained Italy-enforced Norge-inspired architect. it was extremely impressive (inspiration of the month) to see her sorting the books onto the shelves, each level no more than 20 of them, and shelves had been intentiously separated to every corner to sparkle her living as she wonders around in the rooms might all day. one shelf you spotted lonely planet, with ‘Canada’ still sealed in plastic covers – meaning yet to discover, and by it ‘Europe’ the backbone had been intensely rotted, by it ‘trans-Siberian railway’ slightly leafover damaged. stories natually reveal in this way as she leads us visitors to those books. on another random corner is the extension of her studio from her american, marking ‘notre dame’ one in south bend illinois. i advised her to pave the path to Studio using airport runway light. so when she gets up at very late of a day(which she usually does) she gets to snap her way heading to studio in dust dim light as runway lights ‘enroll’.

it also inspired me in a way that i myself would have to struggle to make an ideal living out of ellos solos dashes. to be specific, i would love to have mac screens around so i will natually lie down to point at those and introduce or initiate a salon to or with my naughty friends. and always i enjoy this feeling: by typing this blog onto this 27′-mac screen with Yanni or Bandari spiritual or hurling music as a background, i feel my self like Yanni himself play electronic  piano on a stage, or a DJ at which a position i give ultimately control, either i choose to mitigate it away, or to enhance, to advance, with you ourselves.

at Wu Yue’s home

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