I would do my best to support my friends in achieveing their dreams. In exactly the way my parents had taken to cheer me up, who have also taught me how to inspire, to appreciate, and to love. I read the logbook so many people and I had written and had worked on in various ways. In Stockholm I had a self-motivated day off to explore. In Odense there is a bunch of coupons as a gift on ‘Boys Appreciation Day’ which I got to never use: presenting the coupons to girls ‘up to your choice’ you will get ’10 kisses on cheek’, ‘one wish to realize’, ‘one day to make your day’, so on. In Tempere I had a thought-provoking chat with Shelsea, a philosopher speaking well Spanish who loves Yoga and is from San Diego, CA, where the situation became funny that I found the shadow I cast on wall looked like a farmman and hers looked like a wolf whose backlegs kneeing on ground, head facing the farmman with a subtle warning of her passion, intellegence, and ‘idea potential’.  
Somebody had done well to dig my potential, and help me empiezar billar. Appreciation is something that you may do to one so he feels there is another power origin to drain, another sunflower soil to await the shine, another ladder you used to rely on that he may use. So everybody would gradually be on the roof. I will do NGO work eventually, and knowing I had borrowed a lot of those uplifting concepts from Christianity in reviving charity, but this is still in a Chinese cultural background. Ought to pursue eternal satisfaction, but must to have all flavorings in balance. Ought to be aggresive to create, to innovate, to get the everarising concerns resolved, but have to know the manpower limit, understand the nature, respect and appreciate the ample paths people give taste to ‘satisfactory’. I will do my best to reconnect the brilliant Chinese tranditions and thinkings with above listed methodologies. The meal I ordered had derived from the western ‘absolutely-no-hesitating’ one in a way that instead of having desserts, an extra sweetening after feast, I decided to depart from the table, performing an alternative withdrawal by drinking a glass of green tea.    
These thus become my ultimate prerequisites in making future decisions: to step forward, boldly yet go with reservation – reconsider, ’round’ the situation systematically. Life is awesomely fantastic in color and fabulously amazing. Life is simply white-and-black and in all dimensions wholely pertaining zen.
穿靴子的貓 8 月沙龍歡迎在京朋友加入,一起探討文明的話題:西方文明的拉丁起源和西方文明的希臘起源。大約會在 8月27日下週五晚,海淀區的某咖啡廳。
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