okay i don’t mean to draw attention from a psychowhatever unit. but we did get some good problem solving people didn’t we? thanks for prompt involvement into this issue. i feel much better. and yeah there a lot of things to do tomorrow. i need to debate whether or not my tortoise from RUSS – (make someone happy isn’t it aim to do that) looks much better than up-stair peer’s longhaired zebra, from RUSS as well but hey, way to refurbish to compete with mine. i need to do follow the intensive schedule wandering around in campus. i feel like to get to know more Beijing people on a get-together.  i need to translate website content for my dad and to advise on major selection for my friend who accompanied me for the first leg of the world tour last year. thank you. alright okay muy bien 🙂
but i’d love to keep the original post since it’s definitely in my subconsciousness. that would be quite useful i guess if one day i realize having have to start a mind mining project. 
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