101214_breaking news: FYP major progress!

After days of miserable trials and hopeless attempts,  my pile of MatLab code which is good enough to print on an entire roll of toilet paper, along with a careful calibrated set of patent-calling parameters, had all worked out.

My advisor Prof. Thierry Blu his freakin idea of Snakuscules had turned out simply too romantic but absurd for a GPA-3.2 poor child to give a proof. I was trapped and had become some real produce of poop during the past two months. Looking back to the monthly progress reports God will know what fantasy I have blew them on. That is just an ultimate fucked up, feel simply like getting up from bed having not even a clue how to speak Chinese but can’t stop shitting off some English like right now. Having lost my self research virginity to that Snakuscules – or to be more specific, serpentulus archaeus (being its holy mother a subspecies)  , I decided not to further invest a dime on this eternal-prospect-fail. And aha woops MY INTUITION WORKS!

Below is a preview of the function – my FYP aims to count number of cells utilizing Image Segmentation techniques. Parameters still need to a further tuning, but the whole thing does make sense now.  In contrast to Snakuscules which probably only French people would understand, I call my method Boom! for the highlight of the approach to be simply blow up a cell once counted, to avoid the possible counting redundancy.

Post-thanksgiving postcards from Kyoto, Japan; Baton Rouge, LA 70802; Sigiriya, Sri Lanka; and Galle, Sri Lanka (made from real elephant poops!).

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One Response to 101214_breaking news: FYP major progress!

  1. Ran 說道:

    U r fucking mental



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