102.4.10 _ 500-day of reflections and explorations

It’s been more than 500 days since I posted the last entry. And 500 days later it would mark the official end towards a mentally “Lost of Ten Years." (Think about how horrible it would be. I would by then at the age of 25, and will have lost 10 years in a sense.) However, it was also during this course a great time for reflection and growth. Spoiled-life, barbarism, inconsistency, renaissance, revisiting the liberal arts, picking up a good moral values, and laying down the foundations for a great life through formation of a well-articulated mind. 

Less than 50 days before departure to New York City. Series of posts regarding books and literature, talks with great minds, movies, operas, and musicals will be displayed. Let’s call it a “500-day" project, commencing today, ending… let’s see, June 23, 2014, nice, exactly the Mid-Summer Day.

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