The Art of Manliness – Day 1 – Reflections on Core Values

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My five core values are as follows:

1. Wisdom – I believe through reading, exchanging ideas with people, and adventures/explorations will a man gain essential wisdom to define “what my life shall be", “what I ought to accomplish in terms of career and personal aspirations". And life onwards will be rather motivational and bright.

2. Health – As long as one has wisdom, the longer he lives, the more he enjoys life and contributes back to community around. Good health is essential to keep one energetic and passionate to spread out his positive values, wisdom, and energy around. Also, maintaining good health often requires regular exercises, which would associated with other positive characteristics (think why we enjoy sports of all kinds).

3. Family – The people who raise me up and define my initial life principles. They grant so much care, courage, and resources to me. I shall raise a family in future in a similar fashion. Thinking of family also associates with “education", “responsibility", and sense of life realities (as family members are turning old, we can feel time, we understand the preciousness of memories, and we gotta rush up to do things we’ve got to do.)

4. Discipline – Everything requires order, or clear, logical and rational procedures to follow. This ranges from keeping body clean, always tidying up and dressing neat when going out, and staying zen or “creative quietude" inside soul, to organizing stuff around and following well-defined procedures in important actions and thought processes. (An engineering degree of part 4 years has helped me, although only helped me, partially formulate the disciplines.)

5. Financial security – I believe one is best at using his own resources. In terms of services for public interests (in NGO), in education and environment field, I would rather have my money invested in projects that make perfect sense to me. Personal aspirations, such as global travel and cultural explorations, much leisure time to dig into the great classics and great minds, also require a stable financial setting.

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