The Art of Manliness – Day 3 – Find a Mentor

(originally posted to thread 30 Days to a Better Man Community)

As I will be reallocating from Beijing to New York City next month, to pursue a Masters degree in Columbia University, I decided I should reconnect with one of my good friends there. He graduated from Yale College last year and now works for Sotheby, and I’d like to ask him regarding Liberal Arts and the ways to achieve a lasting impact in life. I wrote him an inbox message on Facebook, requesting to couch surf in his place for the first night I arrived in NYC, and I just got a reply. Very looking forward to catching up with him over the night.

I found that for two close friends, if they are farther apart for a long time, they would become very different, mentally or in terms of lifestyle. So communication would help one’s grow to a greater extent, compared to getting a mentor “nearby" from those whose life so close to you.

Thanks McKay for designing those tasks, I’m on my way to improve, and I can feel it. And I love the statement that “you can’t stay in your comfort zone and grow and become a better man."

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