The Art of Manliness – Day 5 – Cultivate Your Gratitude

Day 5: Cultivate Your Gratitude

The grateful man is a humble man. He has no illusions of his grandeur. He knows that bad things happen to good people. He knows how easily a rally can turn into a slump. He knows how much worse off many others are than he is. He understands the sacrifices others make on his behalf. And he deeply, deeply appreciates them.

Reflections: Take the initiative to change something, and always be humble in exchanging ideas with others. Do practice to hear people, and attempt to follow their minds.

….the number of your material possessions or relationships will have no effect on your attitude. Gratitude is an attitude that can be cultivated in whatsoever circumstances you find yourself in. It’s not about good things happening to you, it’s about finding new layers of wonderfulness in the things that you have right now.

10 things I’m grate for:

1. The great girlfriend – wife soon she will be – the Holy Heaven has granted to accompany me. Despite her origin, she’s enlightened me in many ways. I truly regard her as the “other half" who could always hold me accountable for life and its ongoing changes. I should cherish this relationship and regard it the best gift from my home year of Dragon 2012~3.

2. Dad is willing to pay for my continuing school – I am ambitious with my plan of “Back to the U.S." and hope the coming couple of years I may, through handwork and persistence, root my future family in or around New York City. For a nerd who’s apparently not capable of entrepreneurship or starting ventures of any kind, neither capable of flourishing in STEM subjects to obtain a life safety guarantee through a doctorate degree, it seems essential for a significant second-time investment for me to wrap up and get readily for stage again. At all times I shall be grateful for this one-year course of recharging and surviving opportunities.

3. Speaking of time, I got ample of it just at present. It’s a period for me to cultivate good habits. Through 1 coming due exam, 8 swimming sessions, around ten books to be read, courses followed, and movies checked-out. Time is precious and I’d be thankful for that, an attitude which is a prerequisite for me to hold before better utilizing the period.

4. I’m still a person with stories and experiences. How much have I learnt through those is only avail to myself. I lost my Up with People journal book, and memories of conversations with people such as Cai Yun and Kenny Choi, but it didn’t mean the impact they have had on me would fade away. They would exert long-term inspirations. And I will systematically reorganize those cognitive reshapes and reformations to better preserve their positive-impacting values.

5. I know clearly about the areas I demonstrate needs of improvements. Health, people skills, humbleness, and innovations (willing to take greater risks) along with commitments (be persistent once setting up a goal) are among those areas of growth potentials. I acquired an important skill of reflection, which is something I shall be grateful to.

6. I was to a larger extent exposed to the world, through traveling, reading and talking with people. I got to be aware of the possible opportunities, got to know and established connections with some great minds, which certainly would help me make better informed decisions in future. I’m in a sense immersed with very supportive resources.

7. And I’m only 24, still very young, capable and ambitious, ready to try out everything and set out sail with a major section of great life.

Regarding Task 2, I caught up with Dazhi and gladly heard he’s taking my advice in learning English – comprehending and reciting NCE II one text every other day. I expressed gratitude to girlfriend and, in a more subtle way, my dad.

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