The Art of Manliness – Day 12 – Create a Bucket List

This is in response to “30-day to be a better man" project Day-12 mission of Creating a Bucket List.


Bring mum to the States one day, and hopefully bring dad to Europe. Three kids, ideally two boys and one girl. Two of them ought to attend a brilliant liberal arts college, studying humanity subjects, and wish to exert a lasting impact in Chinese social transformation. An artist, or a real engineer thinking in a mathematician way can definitely add flavor into the family.


Tripoints and quadripoints on earth are of my great interests – beyond a common wish of traveling to all of world’s countries and regions, I hope to gain a genuine understanding of peripheral cultures. Those cultures may not be popular, economies may not be strong, but they have indeed achieved connections and inspired great migrations that significantly redirect our history. Hindu Kush, Kashmir, Altay, Caucasus, the Balkans, Alsace-Lorraine, Kurdistan… to name a few.

Specifically I would love to explore the target areas in different means, flight, ferry, railway, motorbike, bicycle, automobiles, and on foot. Each grants a fresh understanding of distances and level of difficulty for cultures to spread and merge.


Ideally I could focus on environmental preservation (sustainable development and aspiration to human-nature harmony) and education, especially liberal arts and civil rights education, in China. Skill set, essential network, and a strong financial background are to be established, hopefully before age of 35.

Life-long learning:

Of my significant interest are subjects – (1) Gateway to nature and universe: mathematics (esp.  chaos and topology), quantum theory, system theory, cybernetics and information theory. (2) Looking physically into ourselves: biology, ecology (earth natural habitats and the careful balance) (3) Looking mentally into ourselves: philosophy, history, religions, linguistics and acquisition of various languages, sociology, and developmental psychology (esp. its biological evidences and chemistry connections). Besides those non-fictional disciplines, great books, performing arts of all kinds (esp. music, theater plays and arts design) will also fulfill to a very significant portion of my inner self.

本篇發表於 Self Reflections 並標籤為 。將永久鏈結加入書籤。


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